Meet Ed + The Team

Shouldn’t politics just be about people meeting, talking, and taking action together? There are some good politicians in this city, making a difference: present and visible in their communities, listening, and working with local people. We need that here in ‘Hunslet and Riverside’.

So, we’re out and about year-round in the community – at meetings, in cafes and pubs, at events, and more. And we’re especially keen to make ourselves available ahead of elections, so people know who and what they’re voting for.

In the immediate run-up to the election, we’ll publish here a list of times and places we’ll be. Note: we’ll keep updating this list, so please watch this space – and we’re very open to invitations! And/or please get in touch anytime. If we get elected, we’ll hold at least weekly public drop-ins around the ward. Speak/meet soon..?

Wed 3 April: 6.30-7.45pm at Hunslet Tenants and Residents (TARA) meeting at the Nazarene Church on Grove Road LS10 (full info here), happy to go for a drink after.

Thu 4 April: 6.30-7.45pm at Hunslet Carr Residents Association meeting (full info here), happy to go for a drink after.

Sat 6 April: 12-4pm at Leeds Repair Cafe in the city centre (click here); we’ll also be out leafleting and talking with residents in Beeston Hill much of the weekend (get in touch for exact locations).

Mon 15 April – Fri 26 April 2018: we’ll be doing our termly visits to all the local primary schools, to meet parents at morning drop-offs or afternoon pick-ups.

Wed 17 April: 10-11am at Hunslet Methodist coffee morning on Telford Terrace LS10; then 6-8pm at the Same Skies regional democracy event at Munro House in the city centre (click here).

Thu 18 April: 5-6pm catching commuters outside Merchants Quay in the city centre (LS9 8BA); then 6.30-7.45pm at the St Luke’s Tenants and Residents meeting in Beeston Hill (happy to go for a drink after).

Sat 20 April: community egg hunt at Trentham Park (LS11 6JR), time TBC.

Fri 26 April: 1-1.45pm at the Al-Madina mosque on Tunstall Road (LS11 5JF); then 2-2.30pm at the new Abu Huraira mosque on Lodge Lane (LS11 6BJ); then 5-6pm catching commuters on Brewery Wharf footbridge.

Sat 27 April: 9am-10.30am, Cross Flatts parkrun; then 12-2pm at the Friends of Hunslet Moor community clear-up; followed by the Big Beeston Spring Clean, 2-5pm at St Luke’s Church and on the surrounding streets (TBC – we might rearrange it for May).

Sun 28 April: all day, we’ll be out leafleting and talking with residents around Beeston Hill and Hunslet (get in touch for exact locations); plus 12.30-2pm at the Ciaran Bingham community lunch club at the Vale Circles centre on Tunstall Road in Hunslet Moor.

Mon 29 April: 4.45-5.15pm talking with parents at Kidz Klub on Malvern Road in Beeston Hill.

Wed 1 May: 4-6pm catching commuters around Armouries Way and Leeds Dock; then again at the Hunslet TARA (see above).

Thu 2 May: ELECTION DAY! We’ll be out ALL DAY, talking with residents around the whole ward (get in touch for exact locations).