In the News

The Greens are slowly getting more airtime, as the political landscape shifts.

Here are some news articles, speeches, and more featuring us over the past years. These very much centre around Ed, as he was our lead candidate over many years. But expect to see and hear a lot more from Omar (and hopefully others) in the coming years..!

– Ed’s speeches in the Civic Hall over the past months have included those on: taxing second homes (click here, view webcast, then go to 4:14:40); pushing for a hotel levy and new Revive store (click here, 3:00:30); and climate bonds (click here, 4:09:30).

– The Big Bike Fix project – which we help run – got a lot of coverage during 2020, and was featured here on BBC Look North amongst other places.

– Slightly daft, but Ed accidentally got loads of coverage for transporting a bathtub from Preston back to Leeds, on the train: click here!

– Ed’s been co-leading the Clean Air campaign for south Leeds since 2018. Click here to watch his five-minute deputation speech to the Council in November 2018 (0:28:20). We were also in Leeds Live (here), the YEP (here), and Look North (pictured above).

– Ed coordinated the creation of a big community igloo in 2018, and got featured in the YEP here (and they also made this quirky video).

– Ed’s campaign (with Leeds Civic Trust) for a plaque to mark the life and tragic death of Leeds man George Edwin Ellison at the very end of World War One also garnered lots of interest in 2018, including Look North, Leeds Live (click here), and a load of other places.

– It’s a while ago now, but Ed was on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme in the lead-up to the 2017 General Election, and acquitted himself ok (!): click here (at 6.52am). Here as well is an interview in the lead-up to the 2019 General Election, with LSTV.

– The nice people at Made in Leeds TV have had Ed on their current affairs programmes a few times, talking about community events and issues in south Leeds, regional devolution, and more.

– We’ve had lots of coverage on the Holbeck viaduct project these last few years, like this YEP piece, and quite a bit of stuff on Leeds Live (eg this).

– Between 2014-2016, Ed helped lead on the major Den Building Festival, which got a fair bit of coverage – eg this article, in the YEP.

– Ed’s written for Leeds City Magazine (formerly City Dweller) a bit over the years – eg this blog for them, on ‘Politics: A Reboot?’, and this one on revitalising local politics.

– Ed does a fair bit of writing for South Leeds Life. Click here to see some of his articles over the years. (Some of them have been hard-hitting, eg features on homelessness and tyre fires; others have promoted campaigns like Buy Leeds and the cladding crisis; and others have been a bit of fun, eg the independence movement in the tiny Millshaw community, and the proposal to introduce a metric term system into Leeds schools.

– Following the London bombings in 2005 and even up to now, Beeston Hill (where Ed lives, and which makes up part of the Hunslet and Riverside ward) has had a load of media attention about those events. Here’s a short radio interview from several years back, with Ed and a good mate of his talking about their experience of (and love for) life in the community here.

– And here’s a video clip of Ed doing one of the presentations at a Bettakultcha event at the Belgrave in town, on political disruption. And here’s another older one, in Beeston Hill, talking about ‘alternative economics’.

(Top image courtesy Katrine Madsen, for the Clean Air campaign.)