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WE DID IT! Huge thanks to all the many people who’ve supported us and worked with us, over the past weeks, months, and (many) years – on our year-round community work, and our election campaigns. This is OUR victory, a win for us all.

We eventually broke through and won the Leeds City Council (local) elections, on Thursday 5th May (2022). Click here for more details. Click here for my big FB post reflecting on the result.

We’re now just getting our teeth into this new phase of challenges and opportunities. Get in touch anytime, to get support, or to get involved. (And once we’ve more time, we’ll tidy up this website – but it’s carrying some pre-election content for now, please bear with us, there are just 100s of things that feel more important..!)


Ed’s lived, worked, and volunteered across our communities here for 20 years, working year-round with a wide range of local people to make good things happen (click here). Together, we’re having an impact, we’re making a real difference.

And huge thanks to the 1000s of local people (including many fed-up members of the big old parties) who’s supported us these past years with the elections. We could easily win this year, if we just pull together and get the vote out on Thursday 5th May. (We were just 4% off winning last time: full stats below.**)

Let’s move on from the tired politics of the past, and build something good together for our communities and our city. Whatever you think of national politics***, we need change right here on our doorstep. Thank you.

All local residents should have now received full info on us and our local work, and why you might want to consider voting for us! We’ll be releasing more stuff in the final countdown, including a (fun!) new election video, testimonies from nice local people who like us and what we’re doing, and more.

But here‘s an initial video for this year’s election. Watch the recent ‘hustings’ debate video, featuring me and the other 2022 candidates, here (90 mins). Check out our huge community manifesto here (newly updated for 2022). Read our leaflets here. Here is our 2021 Elton John parody election video (because life is serious enough!). And get in touch anytime, about anything.

* ‘Hunslet and Riverside’ is the name of the Leeds City Council ward formerly known as ‘City and Hunslet’. It includes Beeston Hill, Hunslet, and much of the city centre. Read more here.

** We’ve run active campaigns in every local (City Council) election here since 2015, each time coming 2nd, and closing the gap each time: 2303 votes in 2021 (4% off winning), up from 1766 votes in 2019 (6% off), up from 1740 votes in 2018 (13% off), up from 1397 votes in 2016 (21% off). (In 2015, we got a mighty 2694 votes, but that coincided with a General Election, so turn-out was way higher: we were 22% off.) (Note: there were no local elections in 2017 or 2020.) Could you help break through and win this year?

*** To find out why local politics and local elections are very different to national politics and elections, and why many members and voters from other parties (including Labour) support us in the local elections, click here.


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