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We are the Green Party in Hunslet and Riverside* in south/central Leeds. We love our communities here. Huge thanks to all the great many people who have journeyed with us, and supported us, over the past 20+ years.

After years of campaigning and community action**, alongside 100s of great local people, Ed Carlisle broke through and won a seat on Leeds City Council, in May 2022. A big result for the whole community.

We are now campaigning to win a second local Council seat, for Omar Mushtaq. Can you help us win, at the next forthcoming City Council elections in May 2024 – to double our impact for and with the community?

Omar (pictured above with Ed, and iconic Green MP Caroline Lucas) is born and bred in south Leeds. He has a 15-year track record, working with others for positive change in our communities. Click here to find out more about him.

We won this seat with over 50% of the vote in 2022. Then in 2023, Omar came a close 2nd, with 42% of the vote. With your support, we will win again this coming May – and Omar will be another local Green councillor, serving with Ed on the City Council.

For more info on us and our local year-round work, read all our latest newsletters here, and endorsements from local people here

The political landscape is changing. People are hungry for a positive, fairer, more cooperative politics, to build a better future. The Green Party are surging across Leeds and the UK: read more here. So-called ‘tactical voting’ is nonsense here: read more here. And whatever you think of national politics, this is different, we need change right here on our doorstep: read more here.

Get in touch anytime, with queries, or to get involved with our campaign, or our year-round community work, or anything! Thank you.

* ‘Hunslet and Riverside’ is the name of the Leeds City Council ward formerly known as ‘City and Hunslet’. It includes Beeston Hill, Hunslet, and much of the city centre. Read more here.

** We (the Greens) have run active campaigns in every local (City Council) election here since 2015. Thanks to the wonderful support of local people, we steadily built up our votes, until breaking through with 51% of the vote in 2022. With your support, we will win again this May.

*** To find out why local politics and local elections are very different to national politics and elections, and why many members and voters from other parties (especially Labour) support us in the local elections, click here.

This website is produced and promoted by Ed Carlisle and Omar Mushtaq, on behalf of Leeds Green Party, at Leeds Civic Hall, Leeds LS1 1UR.

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