Why not Labour?


Our political landscape is dominated by the big parties – and the internet is awash with blogs and articles telling us how to vote (ie tactical voting to beat the Conservatives, or to keep Corbyn out of Downing Street, or whatever).

At a local/council level, that is all irrelevant. Our votes in local elections (like the one in May this year, 2018) make zero difference to the national picture – but make all the difference to our communities.

Here in Hunslet and Riverside (formerly City and Hunslet), we’ve had Labour councillors for a very very long time. And Leeds City Council itself is controlled by Labour, and has been for the vast majority of the past 50 years. There are some great people in Labour, and there are some great Labour councillors in Leeds – but unfortunately, that’s not the case for the councillors for our area. They live faraway on the other side of the city, are rarely around, don’t understand our communities, and take us and our votes for granted.

We – the Greens – got sick of this set-up, and have run (very) active campaigns in the recent local elections. Thanks to the amazing support of a wide range of local people, we’ve done well, polling in 2nd place. We are the opposition, the alternative around here: no other parties are even putting up a fight.

Here in Hunslet and Riverside, we have an opportunity – especially this year, with the ‘all-out’ election where each of us has 3 votes. We can break through the same-old set-up that’s let us down for too long, and vote for a new start. We’ve been stifled by one-party politics for too long.

(Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas on her recent visit to Leeds, when she visited the excellent Leeds Community Homes scheme.)