**Download our giant community manifesto here if you don’t have time for the blurb!**

Above all else, we – the Green Party in Hunslet and Riverside – believe in a politics that listens to people, and works with them for change. Over the past years, we’ve spoken with hundreds of local people about what we want together to see happen here in our city and communities. Everyone has a different piece of the puzzle, and something unique to contribute; we urgently need to get better at harnessing ‘collective wisdom’.

So over the past years, Ed and his team have then pulled together and worked on a giant, evolving local ‘manifesto’ for the Hunslet and Riverside council ward. Click here to download the latest updated version, released April 2018. (You might need a wee while to take it all in! If you’re *seriously* keen, here is the previous version too, to see the evolution.)

This manifesto underpins all our year-round work locally. It also hopefully gives a sense of our rootedness in and commitment to this city, and our approach to politics.

Indeed, at a local level (ie with council elections), national politics are less significant. The most important thing is electing local people, who love their communities, and who are working with others to make good things happen.

But we are nonetheless proud to be with the Green Party. All three of us are somewhat new to the party (each having joined since 2015), but we’ve been impressed: a small party with big vision and fresh ideas, for a fairer happier society. Click here to find out more about the Greens, their most recent (2017) national manifesto, their wide-ranging and crowd-sourced policy framework, and more.

Finally, we wholeheartedly endorse the principles proposed by former independent MP Martin Bell on the expected conduct of politicians. They essentially commit to transparency, openness, independence from party control, and the ethic of public service. Click here to read them in full.


(Image from the ‘One Love One Leeds’ community gathering event in Beeston Hill in 2011, co-organised by Ed.)