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On Thursday 3rd May 2018, we’re standing in the local/council election, on behalf of Leeds Green Party, for the ‘ward’ (zone) called Hunslet and Riverside. This election is to choose the THREE city councillors who will represent our area in the Civic Hall, and who will work with residents on local issues.

Ed has previously stood in these local (city council) elections in May 2015 and 2016, also for the Green Party. On both occasions, he/we came a strong second, with thousands of votes: this year, we aim to go one better! (* Ed also in the 2017 General (Parliamentary) Election for the wider area of Leeds Central.)

Note that this year’s local election is different to normal. We normally vote for our three councillors on rotation – ie one each year, with a ‘skip year’ every 4 years. However, this year we’re voting for all 3 council seats – so we’ll each have 3 votes. You can cast 1, 2 or 3 votes; and you can vote for just one party, or split your votes amongst different parties. We’d kindly ask you to consider giving us all 3 of your votes, please!


The council ward of Hunslet and Riverside is made up of the following communities:

  • Beeston Hill (the northern side of Cross Flatts Park, around Tempest Road) – as far west as Beeston Road. So, as well as the terraced area around Tempest Road, it includes the Greenmounts, Waverleys, Disraelis, Bismarcks, Northcotes, and everything in between.
  • ‘Hunslet Moor’, ie the Garnets/Oakleys, the Longroyds, Crescent Grange and Towers, and the Moor Crescent estate
  • the whole of Hunslet and Hunslet Carr, as far as the M621…

Then it gets a bit fiddly! We’ve lost large chunks of the city centre, compared to the previous ‘City and Hunslet’ ward, but the following areas are still ‘ours’..!

  • H2010 and Leeds Dock (formerly known as Clarence Dock)
  • Brewery Wharf and the surrounding area
  • Neptune Street and Gateway
  • The Calls, Corn Exchange, and surrounding area
  • The area between Boar Lane and the river, eg Regents Court, Lower Briggate, Concordia Street, New Station Street, and Mill Hill
  • Whitehall Road, including West Point


At local/council elections, most people 18 or over can vote, including: all British, EU, and Commonwealth citizens who are permanently resident here. Overseas UK citizens can vote, but must register specially to do so. You must be over 18 on the day of the election to vote (although the Greens are campaign for the voting age to come down to 16). For more info on all this, click here. And you MUST be registered on the electoral register to vote…


If not, you won’t be able to vote in either this election, or any future elections or referendums. So please consider doing so NOW – and if you’re not sure, do it again, because they won’t register you twice. It takes about 3-4 minutes online, here (having your National Insurance number to hand will help). The deadline to register ahead of this election will be in April – date TBC. (But why wait until the last minute?? Do it now!)


The election is on Thursday 3rd May 2018. Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm. We will list them all on here beforehand.

You’ll be sent a polling card in the post telling you which polling station to go to – but note that you DON’T need you polling card to vote. Just pitch up and give them your name and address.

You’ll then be given a voting slip. It will have a list of names on it, including ours (Ed Carlisle, Mary Spencer and Alaric Hall), with Green Party logos next to them – if you think I merit your vote!

You can also register to vote by post (the deadline for which is TBC). In that case, you’ll get your polling card + full instructions in the post two weeks before the election – then you’ll need to post your vote or drop it into Leeds Town Hall (or some of the polling stations take them too) by 10pm on election day.

The votes will be counted the day after the election (Friday 4th May), and the results are typically announced that afternoon.